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Discover Brixham

Brixham boasts one of the largest fishing fleets in the UK.  The harbour is at the heart of Brixham, surrounded by restaurants, pubs and shops and of course home to the Golden Hind replica.

Over 100 fishing boats land and sell their catch at the local fish market on the quayside. A visitor viewing platform is strategically placed so visitors can watch the busy comings and goings of the fishing fleet, made up of large beam trawlers and the smaller day boats. Some of the smaller day boats can actually been seen working at various vantage points around Torbay e.g. Berry Head, Fishcombe Cove and Hopes Nose.

Brixham harbour is also the centre of most of the many events and festivals that take place in Brixham throughout the year, such as the Pirates Festival, Brixfest and Fishstock.

Approached from the sea the view of Brixham with its many colourful houses cascading down on either side of the harbour is one of the prettiest along the South Devon coast. Brixham personifies the classic English fishing port, mixing tradition with a modern vibrant industry. The harbour is also home to a fleet of heritage trawlers, all lovingly restored by passionate enthusiasts and now offering chartered voyages.

It has a focal tourist attraction in the replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship Golden Hind that is permanently moored there.

Brixham Heritage Fleet

There is currently a fleet of five heritage sailing trawlers in Brixham Harbour.  The “Golden Vanity”, “Leader”, “Pilgrim”, “Provident” and the “Vigilance”.  The sailing trawlers are all gaff-rigged boats built between the 18-1900’s.  You can often see them berthed on the Brixham Town Pontoon and you will often find local craftsmen and women working on them who will be only too pleased to show you around the trawlers and tell you their history.

Brixham Harbour was once home to the largest wooden sailing fleet with around 300 wooden trawlers being built in Brixham’s own shipyard.  The Heritage sailing trawlers are only back in the port thanks to the hard work and dedication of the people and organisations that have restored them to their original beauty.

Many of the heritage vessels offer chartering services and/or evenings on board.

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